Adventurous Trekking Options in Sakaleshapura

Sakaleshapura is well known for its trekking spots. If you’re an intrepid trekker, you’ll love to visit the adventurous trekking spots there. Holidays are round the corner; start cramming stuff in your bag and be ready to go trekking in Sakaleshapura. Here are the popular trekking spots in Sakaleshapura. Ombattu Gudda Trekking Ombattu Gudda is … Continue reading “Adventurous Trekking Options in Sakaleshapura”

The Travel Guide on Sakaleshapura

Are you fond of travelling? Are you planning to go somewhere on vacations? Think of Sakaleshapura! Sakaleshapura is a renowned hill station situated at the Western Ghats in Karnataka. Every year most people visit this place to explore the resplendent beauty of nature. This hill station is brimming with the trees of tea, coffee, spices, … Continue reading “The Travel Guide on Sakaleshapura”